Miss Kay Teachout Owner - Director - Teacher

                        Miss Kay Teachout - Owner / Director / Teacher                     

Kay Teachout has been teaching for over  38 years. She has studied dance in ballet, tap, jazz,lyrical and has a background in several other cultural studies such as Hawaiian, Poi, Afro Cuban, and Ballroom.

Miss Teachout comes from a dance family. Her grandparents were in vaudeville singing and dancing and her aunt was a sucsessful TV and movie actress. Her mother Connie Teachout was also a dance instructor with her own studio for many years in Alexandria, Virginia and Front Royal. Growing up in a dance studio and traveling with her mom and dancing sisters, and with a pilot dad, they traveled and studied different cultures of movement to enhance their experience of dance.  New York, Iowa,Colorado, and Virginia are just a few places Miss Kay traveled for dance classes,conventions , and competitions. Still attending seminars, classes and performing in theater and dance are an on going commitment of Miss Kay’s.

Kay’s mother, gave her a strong background in tap,ballet, and jazz. Kay studied with Oleg Tupine with the Virginia Ballet Company and briefly with the Washington School of Ballet in Washington, D. C. Miss Kay stays involved with the community with her students to perform at local events and shows and the studio dance team travels to seminars for classes and competitions when possible. Kay has an Associates in Libral Arts and Elementary Education and continues her training yearly by taking classes in New York, Washington, D.C.,Massachusettes, and teaches classes throughout the year.

Miss Kay has three grown children. Chase, Cameron, and Kayla Richard.

Kay’s School of Dance has been in Stephens City for 31 years and is looking forward to another successful year with our dancers.



Miss Kay at 15 years old.
Four Generations of Dancers! Kay's mom, Connie Teachout, Miss Kay, Kayla Richard ( Kay's daughter), and Gretchen Teachout ( Kay's sister).
Miss Kay , her mom Connie, and sister Kim Teachout ( circa 1976)
Kay and sister Kim, sister Gretchen, and mother Connie Teachout