Tuition and Payments

Tuition for dance classes is due by the 15th of each month. Classes are held like a school year, September through June. Please note that tuition stays the same amount whether it is a 3 week month or 4 week month (and some even have five).

Types of Payment :

 Kay’s School of Dance accepts checks, cash, money orders, and all types of

debit / credit cards. Starting Jan 2018 there will be a convenience fee to use credit cards for tutition payments.

Please be sure to ask for a cash receipt if you are not given one when paying with cash.

 Payment Policy :

  • Make checks out to “ Kay’s School of Dance “  or “ Kay Teachout”
  • Tuition is due the first weeks of the month, after the 15th a $10 late fee will be incurred.
  • No post dating checks.
  • There will be a $30 Returned  Check Fee for insufficient funds, and must then be paid in cash.
  • Tuition does NOT include costume payments, tights, shoes, dance supplies, or recital tickets.
  • Payment plans can be worked out, but must be pre-arranged with Miss Kay.
  • In a family, if one child is taking a least a 1.5 hour class and a second child of the same family is taking  a 1.5 hour class, there is a $ 7 discount.
  • In the month of June, any outstanding  payments  of any kind must be paid by June 7

This is so we can close out books for the end of the year and concentrate on the end of

the year performance the  following  week. No checks will be accepted for dues after June 7th.

 Tuition Fee’s :  Registration Fee’s are NON - REFUNDABLE

Registration Fee for NEW Students $25        

Returning Students from previous year $20

        Class Minutes Per Week              Cost per Month/ Per Student

30 Minutes Per Week

  $ 45.00 Per Month

45 Minutes Per Week

  $ 53.00 Per Month

60 Minutes – 1 Hour Per Week

  $ 61.00 Per Month

90 Minutes – 1.5 Hours Per Week

  $ 90.00 Per Month

120 Minutes – 2 Hours Per Week

  $ 122.00 Per Month

150 Minutes – 2.5 Hours Per Week

  $ 156.00 Per Month

180 Minutes – 3 Hours Per Week

  $ 180.00 Per Month











Other optional  Class fee’s:

Session Classes : 6 Week (one hour) session    $ 91.00

                        6 Week (one hour) Ballroom – two people $ 180.00

                                                                  - one person  $ 91.00

 Private Lessons :

Prices vary due to the experience of the teacher. Listed is an average range.

     Private for one person:                               30 Minutes : $ 25                 60 Minutes : $40 

    Per Person in a small group 2 -3 people         30 Minutes : $ 20                60 Minutes: $ 25