Teachers and Student Assistants

Teacher Assistant and Teacher :Sam Childress

We encourage intermediate - advance dancers to help demonstrate and work with the younger dancers to set technical examples and motivate them to try harder. Most younger dancers love the assistants and strive to dance like them. Teacher assistants and/or helpers are usually future teachers in training and are helpful in the classroom as well in the office or for extra practices.

 Sam Childress is a Senior at Sherando High School and you may see her in the office or teaching in the classroom.

Miss Shelby Fox

Hi, my name is Shelby Fox and I am one of the instructors / choreographers here at Kay's School of Dance. I have been dancing here since I was a small child. I competed on the schools competition team for about 9 years. I have attended numerous competitions, conventions and master classes as well as spent many summers in govenor's school for the performing arts. I currently teach creative movement, ballet,tap, and jazz, as well as a variety of private lessons. Recently in May of 2015 I graduated college and obtained my RN license. I work locally as an RN but my love for dance and teaching continues and allow me to go into my sixth year of instructing here at Kay's, as I still believe that " There is always a reason to dance"!



Introducing to our staff:Teacher -Evelyn Fry

I am excited to introduce to our teaching staff: Evelyn Fry- Evelyn has been involved with dance for almost 30 years studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, and more. She grew up in the Northern Virginia area competing in regional competitions and performing with Steppin' Out! Dance Studio and Manassas Ballet Company. She continued her dance education at Virginia Intermont College with her concentration in Ballet and Modern. Since her graduation in 2007 she has been sharing her love of dance with children as young as 18 months to adults. When asked what her favorite style is she always replays, "I love teaching ballet. There is a clear right and wrong way. However, I love to choreograph and dance in lyrical and tap." Her students have been awarded high marks at regional and national competitions along with being excepted to elite summer intensives. Evelyn looks forward to working with the students of Kay's School of Dance. 



Office Help - Emily Thornton

Emily is a high school student who has been dancings at Kays School of Dance for many years taking Ballet - Tap - Jazz and contemporary. She is a dedicated and pleasant person to have at our studio both as a student and help in the office.