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Class Descriptions


Creative Movement:

This class is for children ages 3.5 to 4.5 years old. It is an introduction to pre-ballet with creativity development with song and dance. Children learn to dance through exploration of movement, rhythm, and imagination.

This class  develops  motor skills , rhythm and  counting,  body awareness while preparing  them for basic ballet. 45 Minute class, once a week.

Kinder - Ballet:

For children age 5 years old. A combination of Creative Movement with a stronger emphasis on ballet skills.

45 Minute class , once a week.


Ballet class consist of barre, floor, and center work for ballet technique and skills. Ballet classes are in differentlevels of ability according to age and experience. This class teaches turns, leaps, stretches, terminology, floor combinations, jumps, and routines. For younger students this class is available in combination classes.


Tap dance is using special shoes with metal plates on the toes and heels to produce sounds/rhythms.

This class is offered to children age 6 through adult. Skill levels advance each year and is available in combination classes.


Jazz is an upbeat dance class using some ballet basics but to modern/ hip hop/rock/ or funky music. Jazz includes various styles which are exposed in the class. This class is a faster moving pop style class which includes stretches, kicks, turns, leaps, center and floor combinations. Intermediate to advanced classes will work on mastering the variety of jazz styles and techniques.

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is more of an urban freestyle, funky street dance. Styles include  locking, popping, and breaking.

It is done to hip hop or funk jazz music. Comfortable street clothes can be worn for this class , with tennis shoes.


A six week, one hour class for basic beginner ballroom. Beginner class includes Fox Trot, Swing, and Waltz. This is usually an adult class using a partner to dance with but not required. This class is available for teens or young adult groups. This is also known as social dancing. Continuous sessions will advance to different styles including Latin dances with varying levels of skill.


Contemporary/ Lyrical: 

Contemporary embodies the style of ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical to focus on interpretation of music/or song. Lyrical utilizes the use of ballet and jazz techniques to interpret lyrics or feelings to a song.

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