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Performance Cost / Fee’s :

Most students in dance live for the performance at the end of the year. Being in dance is an investment in your child.  Although as teachers, dance is our passion, it is also our business.  As teachers, we must plan by December and January what we hope will work in June for a performance.  All students will be measured for costumes by January at the latest.

* Parents note: A costume will be ordered for your dancer unless…you ask us not to. Otherwise you are responsible for the costume payment. With this said, a costume deposit will be due for each class by December 15. The balance will be due by April 15th.  It is possible that one costume may be used for two classes.


Recital / Performance :

Our performance is usually the second weekend in June. It cannot be set until  March or April

When the school board approves the dates with graduations and made up snow dates if any.

The auditorium is not free. We must rent it for a dress rehearsal and performance . That is why

we sell tickets at the end of the year. One of the most asked questions is , “ why do we have to buy

tickets? ”. Tickets will go on sale in May.



Costume Deposit / per class by December 15th :   $ 50.00         Costume deposits are non- refundable


Balance on Costume (s) by April 15th   :  You will receive a “ balance due” amount by February/March.

                                                                     We won’t know the balance amount until costumes are ordered.



Recital Fee :

A  $ 25.  recital fee per student will be due June 1st. This helps cover the extra expenses  tickets do not cover. Recital held in an auditorium  involves extra school insurance, utilities, dressing rooms, custodians, staff fees, and many other cost.


*If a student(s) has any outstanding bills at performance time,

     they will not be allowed to perform in the end of the year show.


 *Regular  class  attendance  is required to keep the level of a class together throughout the

      year and to choreograph routines.

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