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                                                                      In the classroom

Dress Code:


All ballet students must wear leotards and tights for class. Any color combination is allowed for younger students. Pink ballet shoes for ballet.  Hair must be up in a bun or a pony tail.  Hair must be pulled up off of face and neck  even if you have shorter hair. No jewelry, cell phones, or toys should be brought to class. Please no long tutu’s  for the pre-school or kinder classes! It is the discretion of the teacher to allow a student to take class if not properly attired.

        Tap - Jazz

Leotards and tights are also preferred for the tap and jazz class. Jazz leggings or capris are accepted. Tan tap shoes, tan jazz  shoes  is what we suggest if buying new shoes. Other colors are allowed if  it is what you already have on hand to start the new dance year. Please label all dancewear with your name or initials.

       Class Placement
Students will be placed in classes according to age and ability and grade. If a student is in between ages or
dance levels, we will do our best to place the student in the closest appropriate class. Final placement is up to
the director or teacher. Classroom participation and courteous behavior will be expected from each student
and their parents.

Students are expected to wait in one of the two waiting areas until called for class.
Students should be dressed and ready for class as stated by the dress code.
Absolutely no cell phones or I-pads in class. Students may not leave class for snacks or drinks or to check phone calls or text messages. A water break will be given if needed.

           Parents :

As parents we all want the best for our children and I think we all know life gets busy, some of us even want to direct our children while in class…( where they should stand in line, tell them to pay attention, give them a drink, take pictures while in class, help adjust their tights, etc…) This makes it difficult for the teachers  control in class and is also a distraction  to children that are not your own. Parents, please follow these basic guidelines for your child while attending class.
   *Please call the studio if your child has a fever or is sick for the day.
   *The studio doors may not always be open to observe class. Please do not open the doors if they are closed.   
   * If the studio doors are opened to observe class…..
                              * Do not correct your child from the sidelines!
                              * Do not send the younger sibling in the class to dance around.
                             * If you take photos, don’t ask them to pose during class. Wait for a break.
   * The dance studio is not a babysitting  service while siblings are in class. Parents are responsible
        for your other children in the waiting rooms. The living room provides toys, books, TV, DVD player,
        bathroom, couch and chairs, and a table for work area or snack for both children and parents.
   *    Free wi – fi is available . Please clean up after your child when you done in the waiting room.   
   *   Please be sure younger children use the bathroom before class.
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